‘SI A LA VIDA (yes to life)’


Sixty young adults from San Miguel Ixtahuacan and nearby towns speak up about how Canadian mining corporations such as Goldcorp has impacted their lives. They shared to Vancouverites their messages and stories by creating a 30' long banner and sending it north in Spring of 2011.


A year later, Geography students from UBC in solidarity said "we are all being lied to" and sent a new painting 30' long back to Guatemala. In Vancouver, a third 30' long banner was created by organizers asking Vancouverites to reflect how canadian mining companies gain social capital by financing community organizations. The public responded to:

"When the lives and land are the cost of golden corporate funding, we find ourselves here...what business are you in?"


This independent project was a collaboration between Mining Justice Alliance, Fredemi, Adismi, ADH, Mining Watch, and Juanita Sunberg, GEOG UBC.  


"La gente no sabia porque vieniero
no explicaron entonces estabamos

segados como un engaño
no nos vinieron a explicar

el objetivo de la mina."


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Melanie Schambach

Based in London, ON

Alejandro Zuluaga

Based in London, ON


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